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Syndicate Diesel is a full service diesel performance and repair shop. With years of experience, we know how to quickly diagnose issues and get them repaired. We also offer performance upgrades and know exactly which parts you need to reach your power goals as well as stay on budget. If your budget is tight we also have a variety of used parts available for purchase and installation.

Vehicle Maintenance

We offer complete fluid and filter changes for all diesel trucks. We use only the highest grade fluids and parts.

Performance Add Ons

Syndicate Diesel installs exhausts, intakes, fuel pumps, turbos, intercoolers, and hundreds of other performance parts from top brands.

Suspension / Steering

We install ball joints, steering gears, tie rods, hubs, and many other suspension parts.

Engine Repair / Overhaul

We offer complete engine overhauls, top end rebuilds, headgaskets, machining, and custom performance builds. We can bulletproof your engine to handle higher horsepower or simply increase reliability.


Complete drivetrain service including driveshafts, u joints, differentials, axle swaps, track bars and other performance modifications.

Custom Tailored Service

Customize any service to meet all your diesel and automotive needs.

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